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Tics and Tic Disorders: An Overview

Tics and Tic Disorders: An Overview

Tics are repeated, uncontrolled, and involuntary movements or sounds that can occur anywhere in the body. While most tics are unnoticeable, there are instances when they become more obvious. Hence, taking a tic disorder supplement is oftentimes recommended.

While several children have tics, they are found to be more common in boys than in girls. Most of these children develop tics during their early school years. Although, most of them tend to outgrow tics by the end of puberty. Signs of tics and tic disorders commonly include grunting, eye blinking, throat clearing, mouth twitching, sniffing, and nose wrinkling. Its causes are unknown. But, experts theorize that it could be due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Treatment for tics and tic disorders is normally focused on helping children minimize the symptoms. This is commonly accomplished through therapy. But, tic medicine may also be prescribed if it begins to interfere in children’s well-being and affect their everyday lives.

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