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Over-the-Counter Supplements for OCD Treatment

Over-the-Counter Supplements for OCD Treatment

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder that causes unwanted, recurring behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Certain repetitive behaviors, such as excessive double-checking of items like locks or switches can significantly disrupt an individual’s daily activities and affect relationships, too.

As a leading retail pharmacy specializing in tic medicine and various supplements, Shop Medville.Com has listed some effective over-the-counter supplements to help treat OCD:

  • N-acetylcysteine (N-AC)

    N-AC is an antioxidant and chemical that affects neurotransmitter glutamate imbalance, which is known to contribute to OCD. Aside from treating OCD, N-AC also helps enhance your immune system and contribute to liver health. N-AC is also an effective tic disorder supplement for children with Tourette syndrome. You can purchase N-AC supplements through our shop for your convenience.

  • Milk Thistle

    Milk Thistle is a plant whose fruits and seeds are used as ingredients for liver supplements. When used for OCD patients, it helps with detoxification and promotes enhanced mental health. Poor detoxification is a factor that can lead to mental health issues like OCD since toxins can contribute to and even create psychiatric symptoms. Milk Thistle is also available for purchase in our shop.

  • L-Theanine

    L-Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in green tea. It’s known for its relaxing properties which help treat anxiety and depression. When speaking of OCD, it helps calm the brain and increases Alpha brainwave activity to help an OCD patient relax.

    L-theanine may also be used as a supplement for tic disorder that’s caused by stress. However, it’s usually used long-term and paired with IV therapy for the best results. We offer L-Theanine in the form of a sleep aid supplement that you can purchase here.

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